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Dajani has been a trusted and reliable pharmacy in South Kensington, Central London and surrounding areas for 40 years. Our dedication to community well-being has driven us to enhance our services as we look ahead. We gladly present our complete medical clinic and our commitment to your health and convenience.

Our first and foremost goal is to provide timely medical treatment to all members of our community at the first indication of their illness. The days of having to wait weeks to see your primary care physician or for necessary diagnostic tests to become available are over.

  • Dajani has revolutionised healthcare by providing same-day care.
  • We provide different medical consultation choices because your health isn't always on a schedule.
  • You may visit our in-house general practitioner right here at our contemporary and well-equipped facility.
  • Virtual consultations are also available for your convenience, removing distance and location as obstacles to accessing high-quality medical treatment.
  • Our commitment to your comfort and convenience is demonstrated by the fact that we go above and beyond by providing consultations at a location of your choice.
  • We proudly provide on-site blood tests to expedite your healthcare trip.
  • No more complicated referrals and appointments at external facilities. Dajani is the hub of your healthcare journey, providing all diagnostics and consultations under one roof.
  • If your disease requires specialised imaging scans, our experts can help you arrange them, enabling a smooth transition to the next step of your therapy.
  • For those who know their illness, our pharmacy prescriber can help you choose the right medicine.
  • We provide customised options by delivering your medicine to your house or letting you pick it up at any branch.

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our medical skills to meet the different demands of our community at Dajani. We are committed to providing excellent treatment, fostering well-being, and prioritising community health in this new phase for generations to come.

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